Reinhoud d'Haese, dit REINHOUD

Pas plus haut que ça

Les Knickerbockers

Looking for action

Black out

Et pour cause

Les Knickerbockers

Né en 1928 à Grammont / Born in 1928 in Grammont
† : 2007 / 2007


Reinhoud d’Haesse, better known under his simple first name, was an original. The solitaire, insouciant of trend and tendencies, had his very personal way to sculpt. He used to invent his own processes. 

Reinhoud mainly worked with steel but he also touched ceramic, glass of Murano and drawing through monotypes. Also, the dreamer man couldn’t hide his talents for poetry. 

He met the artists of the group of Cobra in Brussels and became friends with Christian Dotremont, Pierre Alechinsky, Hugo Claus, Raoul Ubac … 

Reinhoud gives us to see his fantastic bestiary, his mocking vision of human being, without hiding the influence of Brueghel or Bosch. 

Reinhoud has been worldwide exhibited, starting with a show in New York in 1962. In 2011, he had a tribute at the Musée des Beaux Arts of Brussels. 



1928: Reinhoud d’Haesse born in Grammont in Oriental Flandre, in Belgium.

1945-46: He starts working at a Goldsmith workshop in Brussels.

1946-50: He studies at Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’Architecture et des Art décoratfis in Brussels where he has lecture about sculptures and steel.

1948: He makes his first sculpture.

1950: He joins Pierre Alechinsky, Christian Dotremont, Luc de Heusch, Michel Oliff, Olivier Strebelle, Hugo Claus, in workshops in the Marais in Brussels.

1951: He participates in the 2nd International exhibition of experimental-Cobra art in the Palais des Beaux Arts of Liège.

1956: First solo show at the Taptoe gallery in Brussels.

1957: He wines the award of “La Jeune Peinture Belge”. He travels in Turkey with Serge Vandercam who is shooting a film.

1959: He receives a grant from the state of Belgium.

1960: He works with Pierre Alechinsky in a school in the south of France.

1962: He makes his first drawings. First exhibition in New York.

1963: He participates in the 7th Biennale of So-Polo.

1965: He creates several monumental paper sculptures. He participates in the International exhibition of Surrealism in Paris.

1966: He participates in the Biennale of Venise.

1968: He makes several monumental wood sculptures.

1969: He wines the Eugène Baie award.

1971: He participates in the exhibition “25 Anos de Arte Belga” in Mexico.

1973: He participates in the exhibition “Master of Modern Sculpture” in Tokyo, Osaka, Fukuoka and Kobe.

1974-1975: He visits a professor in Minneapolis College of Art and Design who makes at his disposal a studio for his creation. He crows the USA and travels with his wife and his children.

1977: The RTB channel produces the film “Reinhoud” by Jean Antoine.  

1980: Opening of “Melmoth” in Paris at the Musée de la sculpture en plein air.

1982: First engravings.

1983: He designes a sculpture for a subway station in Brussels.

1984: He starts working in a studio in the peninsula of the Cotentin, in front of the Anglo-Norman islands.

1985: He wines the State Prize of Plastic Arts of Belgium.

1991: He makes a 65 metes coloured etching.

1992: He develops his technique and prints and inks himself his etchings.

1998: Inauguration of the in situ piece “En tu cabeza esta todo lo demàs”, in Madrid.

1998-1999: Several pieces are exhibited at the Centro Atlantico de Arte Moderno and the Julio Gonzàles centre in Valencia.

1999: He participates in “Cobra, the Cobra movement, 50 years”, in the Museum of Art of Hong-Kong. He also exhibits some monumental sculptures in the Modern Art Museum of Rio de Janeiro.

He creates his first ceramic sculptures in a workshop in La Haye.

2000: He makes his first glass sculptures with a workshop in Murano.

2007: 1st of Jully, Reinhoud die in Paris.